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Whether you’re a small self-distributor or service retailers nationwide, all alcohol distributors have the same common goals for their business – improve operational efficiency and cost control, maximize revenue growth, expand customer reach, and increase product adoption. Fintech has developed an integrated platform built to fit alcohol distributors of any size to drive positive results.

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Fintech Payments

Stop chasing payments and get back to focusing on sales. Whether you require terms or cash on delivery, receive payment automatically through electronic invoicing, while decreasing delivery times, increasing driver security, expediting reconciliation, and reducing invoice inquiries. Calculate your profit per stop here.


Lilypad is the ultimate sales platform for beverage alcohol distributors, giving teams actionable selling and data tools that optimize market execution and reporting. With Lilypad CRM and Lilypad Data, beverage alcohol teams sell more efficiently and hit their targets.

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Fintech Ordering

Scale and grow sales conversations through our EZorder tool. Receive and confirm orders from your retailers in a single, consistent format and obtain early access to order requests to easily identify promotional, quantity, and new item sales opportunities. Gain insight into customers of all sizes, giving you the ability to communicate with more retailers every day and increase sales volume.

Fintech Data

Get a national view of distributor-to-retailer alcohol purchase data inclusive of the largest on-premise collection in the industry. Aggregate market data by channel, brand, and package offers you robust trend analysis. Measure product launches and promotions effortlessly.

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