Fintech Helps NCRLA Members Focus on Clearer Skies Ahead

Guest Blog: Beth O'Connell, North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association

Bars, restaurants, hotels, and other on-premise retailers across North Carolina have witnessed the dark and devastating storm that was 2020 and are looking for clearer skies on the horizon. Now, more than ever, technology and automation are increasingly helping businesses stay afloat, with record use of online ordering, scheduling, and communication platforms. Technology and automation help bring customers to our doors, or sometimes, our products to their doors. Behind the scenes, automation eliminates the increased cost and frustration that comes from managing businesses manually.

It’s a new year and the winds are shifting, but the course is not clear, straight, or easy. Recovery is going to take agility and flexibility — with contingency plans, nimble operations, and the readiness to tack as the changing winds require. But the uncertain future also signals that now is the time for businesses to prepare for the unexpected and navigate a course for success using the tools and partnerships available. You won’t find a better partnership than Fintech and the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association.

On Wednesday, March 3, Fintech will host a free webinar featuring four NCRLA members representing four distinct North Carolina hospitality operations: restaurant, hotel, brewery, and distillery. Plan to join us for this informative webinar as these members share their approach to building success in 2021 as we all continue to navigate the course ahead. Early bird registration is open, look for details coming soon.

Keep in mind the ongoing benefits of the Fintech and NCRLA partnership: NCRLA members have free Fintech tools available to build better alcohol businesses through automation, which creates the nimble operating environment needed now more than ever. With Fintech's free, electronic alcohol invoice payment solution, Distributor Autopay, NCRLA members can:

Fintech also offers retailers a full alcohol management solution at a low cost, which provides the automation above, PLUS the ability to:

Today, nearly 50 percent of alcohol retailers in North Carolina trust Fintech for automated payments and data for their businesses. Fintech also serves as a regulatory resource for clients, providing legislative updates, informative panel webinars, and connectivity through industry partners like NCRLA.

As we look to clearer skies ahead, let’s chart the course together. To learn more about the partnership between Fintech and NCRLA, and to take advantage of member benefits, contact us today.


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