Practical Steps to Managing a Beverage Alcohol Program with Technology  


How automation helps c-stores, grocery stores, liquor retailers, and other off-premise retailers manage a successful, profitable beverage program – from ordering through reconciliation.  

For decades, technology has had a vast impact on the off-premise retail space. Gas stations transitioned from bell-service to self-service pumps, grocery stores have opened more and more check-out lanes and even implemented self-checkout for shopper convenience, and even liquor stores turned to digital loyalty programs. Today, technology centered around customer service and convenience is driving industry-leading innovation across the entire off-premise retail space. After the undeniable disruption caused by COVID-19, the industry has shifted its focus to rethink what is most important, and what’s even possible to implement given the current climate.  

While the alcohol category can typically be one of the highest earners for off-premise retailers, it’s often a space that’s overlooked when it comes to technological advancement. But small investments here can make a big difference when it comes to adjusting to new customer buying behaviors. As we continue to deal with an unpredictable market, retailers should reach for tools and technology that promote automation and bring better control over the entire beverage alcohol management process. From ordering through reconciliation, technology serves as the backbone of profitable beverage alcohol management. With the help of industry-leading tech partnerships, retailers can: 

And these benefits are just the beginning! Through automation and dynamic technology, off-premise retailers build a beverage program that leverages smarter business practices to bridge the gaps in their business and gain more time to focus on customer service and safety. When technology and data initiatives are used to drive business operations and product purchase decisions, retailers can better navigate rapidly changing consumer habits and make decisions that drive higher alcohol margins.  

Ready to dive deeper into the benefits of using tech in your beverage alcohol management process? Download our full, practical guide, The Technology-Driven Guide Through Beverage Alcohol Management, to see how strategic business developments can help protect your alcohol category investment and grow your overall profits.   

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