Practical Steps to Managing a Beverage Alcohol Program with Technology


How automation helps bars, restaurants, hotels, and other on-premise retailers manage a successful, profitable beverage alcohol program – from inventory through analysis. 

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Even the best, most organized businesses often fall prey to ineffective business practices and costly pitfalls that make beverage alcohol management far more complicated than it needs to be. Timewasters get in the way of building a dynamic customer experience, manual processes lead to incomplete or inaccurate data, and complicated procedures can lead to unsafe operations at a time when touch-free initiatives are of the utmost importance. With everything to juggle, beverage alcohol management can often leave businesses making decisions that impede safety requirements and lead to lost profits and inaccurate margins.  

But effective alcohol management doesn't have to be difficult. 

By utilizing technology and implementing automation, retailers of all shapes and sizes can learn to successfully navigate beverage alcohol management in a way that has a meaningful, lasting impact on their overall business. From proper inventory that brings tangible discoveries to the alcohol ordering process, to touch-free payments that deliver safety and security to each location, technology can serve as the backbone to profitable beverage alcohol management. With the help of industry-leading tech partnerships, retailers can: 

And these benefits are just the beginning! Through automation and dynamic technological solutions, retailers build a beverage program that leverages smarter business practices into stronger profits and an elevated experience for their guests. Now more than ever, agility and intelligence are of pivotal importance to beverage alcohol management. As the impacts of a global pandemic continue to unfold on the industry, retailers need to be empowered to make quick decisions, and perhaps no solution aids in that process more than technology.  

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