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Whether you operate one location or one thousand, Fintech has developed an affordable solution to help grow and protect alcohol margins and profits. Over 150,000 retailers use Fintech to simplify alcohol management with touch-free electronic invoice payments, back-office integration, and actionable invoice and product data to help eliminate manual processes that waste valuable time.

One out of every four U.S. retailers trust Fintech to manage their alcohol invoice payments and data.

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Fintech Payments

Get out of the back office and in front of your customers by implementing basic and affordable technology. Fintech keeps your business compliant by automating invoice payments per the terms on each invoice, imports line-item invoice detail into your back-office system, and gives you online access to request credits from your distributors. Have digital access to your invoices and purchase history, while Fintech tracks your top products and pricing discrepancies to protect your margins and bottom line. Stay alcohol compliant, go touch-free, and protect your investment.

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Fintech Distributor Autopay

Efficient alcohol management starts with electronic invoice payments. Ideal for our smaller retailers, Distributor Autopay eliminates outdated and time-wasting payment methods, like cash or checks, by automating your payments per the terms on each invoice, keeping you in compliance with regulatory state laws. Simply receive your alcohol delivery and we do the rest. No more manual payment procedures necessary for COD or term invoices.

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Fintech Ordering

Purchase from multiple alcohol distributors with a single, online order from your site-specific product list. With Fintech, you can access, review, edit, and submit orders from multiple devices, receive quick order confirmations, and communicate with distributors to expand your product offerings.

Fintech Data

Fintech manages a robust, one-of-a-kind alcohol product catalog that brings resolution to cross-functional team challenges. The three-tier system creates endless manual work throughout the procure, pay, and reconciliation processes due to ever-changing product data. Our network of over 4,100 beer, wine, and spirits distributors positions Fintech to offer our clients clean, real-time product data across their entire distributor network. Timely updates to product data, along with reconciliation of both purchases and payments against invoice data, are key in protecting your profits. Automate manual processes and forensic analysis and give your alcohol management teams the data they need to control costs and protect margins efficiently and effectively.

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