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Whether you operate one location or one thousand, all retailers have the same common goals for their beverage alcohol businesses – control costs, build margins, grow profits, and protect their investment. Fintech has developed an integrated platform built to fit alcohol retailers of any size, and of any kind, to support these basic shared measurements of success.

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Efficient alcohol management starts with automated, electronic
invoicing. Eliminate outdated payment methods while staying compliant with regulatory laws. Gain access to invoices, purchase history, and credits online and integrate invoice data directly into your back-office system. Manage customer experience, not invoices, and have better control of your alcohol category.


With our EZorder tool you can buy from multiple alcohol distributors in a single order and receive quick order confirmations. Order from site-specific product lists built from purchase history and have access to review and edit the order from multiple devices. Support brand compliance by gaining control of the products you allow your locations to buy, and communicate directly with your distributors to add new products. For purchase order (PO) users, our PO tool ensures that each invoice has a valid PO number.


Tracking and analyzing order history has never been easier. Distributor-to-retailer sales data is analyzed to provide actionable business insights that are designed to help your teams purchase smarter, control costs, and boost beverage alcohol margins. Choose a report from our portfolio that fits your business or have a custom report built specifically for you.

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